Thirty hours • One cause • Justice

This year, thousands of young people around the world will do the 30 Hour Famine — going without food for thirty hours to raise awareness and funds for those who go hungry every day. Hunger isn’t just. Yours can be.





Why hunger?
See how World Vision addresses hunger and where your Famine funds are going this year
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What is the Famine?
Start here if you are new to the Famine or want a quick look 
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How do I get involved?
Find everything you need to host the best Famine ever! 

Make it your Famine.

Do the 30 Hour Famine as a church group, school group, with friends or on your own. Our national Famine date is April 26 - 27 but feel free to choose a time that works best for you. Make it your Famine experience